Friday, 11 December 2009

Its end, is the point at which it begins

Though deep, yet clear;
though gentle, yet not dull;
strong without rage,
without o'erflowing, full.
John Denham

The colours - gorgeous, the lights strikingly fascinating, the reflections leaving a strong impression and establishing its identity, the grandeur, the vastness, the beauty, the diversity, for what it stands, for what it signifies but for most of all for what it means to me.
The marvelous river of London, the Thames, which attracts me. I spend hours walking by the river at different times of the day and night. I take pictures to have them up on my wall and in my collection as the river has started to become a very important part of my everyday life in London. It inspires me, de-stresses me completely and bring a a strong sense of contentment within me. In this book, focussing on the 'out of focusness',
I have tried to portray the river in a manner which speaks more of its abstract qualities, which is what really draws me towards it.
Drawing inspiration from pictures taken by the photographer, Uta Barth, whose works reflects a strong abstract notion. Uta's intent was 'to shift your attention to the very act of looking, to your own visual perception in that particular moment, in the particular place that you are viewing the picture in'.
The idea of the series of images captured and compiled into this book is to establish the identity of the Thames in London. The focus is to reveal the presence of the river in every picture taken through the reflection, space or the lights. Some images reveal the presence of a river and others specifically the Thames in London because of the presence of the static elements alongside the river, which essentially to name a few are the London Eye, Westminster and London Bridge.
I have also drifted from the obvious revelation of the river in a few images where I have zoomed into the boats moving across the river, the vehicles on the bridges and roads alongside the river.

Peter Ackroyd

'Spreading rings on water, intermingling and fading with time, but still leaving impressions'.
Bill Pike

(Title of this post is a quote from 'The Sacred River' by Peter Ackroyd')

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