Tuesday, 8 December 2009

And she sprawled on the floor....

a lovely day, a lovely sight... unforgettable!

Hussain Chalayan exhibited mid-March at the Design Museum here in London.
A cold, windy day indeed but I fortunately decided to step out of the gloom of my room, to see the exhibit, having least expected what I saw!

Hussein's work was revolutionary, intriguing and extremely inspiring. It was definitely worth dragging myself out into the cold. But what I witnessed as I was nearing the end of the display was a picturesque, beautiful moment which happily found a permanent place in my mind and heart. The thought of it, even today, brings an instant smile.
A cute little girl, dressed in pink was visiting the exhibit with her mom. She stood in front of a mannequin which wore a lovely flared skirt. She wanted it. She looked at her mom with the joy of having discovered a treasure, and asked her to get the skirt off the mannequin. When her mom said that she could not have it, she began to cry. The innocence, the urge and the sorrow reflected on her face.
After having pleaded for several minutes, when she got the same answer, she knew what she had to do. With watery eyes, she opened her little pink bag-pack to bring out her tiny diary and her colour pencil box. What she did next, gripped me for several minutes. I could not move.
Probably the most delightful sight I've ever seen. Prettier than any pretty flower or scenic landscape in the world!
Little Miss Pink sprawled down on the floor (on her front side) with her most treasured diary in front of her. Absolutely focused, she intently gazed in the direction of the skirt. Slowly, her eyes moved to her minuscule diary and her teeny-weeny fingers began to stir.
She mimicked (drew) the skirt onto her memoir with utmost precision. 
They left in a while, she and her mom both. But I just stood there.
It left something  in my mind.
Her presence, her innocence, the pink, her little fingers reminded me of how divine the world is. It made my day... it was beautiful!!


  1. :)
    Could you ask one of your techie friends to include a 'Share this post' facility on your blog, so that I can email your blog-posts to my friends or post it further on my facebook/orkut pages, etc. It's fairly straight-forward and easy.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww...soooooooo cute yaar..i `m sure how u wud ve felt after witnessing the entire incident..too good

  3. Woah ! Brilliant ! As we grow old sadely our innocence gets thrown outta the window too !

    May Little Miss Pink remain little miss innocent too all her life


  4. i remember when you first told me about this! :)