Monday, 28 December 2009

A cold evening on Christmas Day....
A short walk around Canada Water...
Beautiful Holy Wreaths on house doors, lit Christmas trees, Santa masks strung along fences and occasional Christmas stockings hung in bedrooms... the miniscule space through open curtains made them visible and added a lovely festive feeling on the isolated street.

One of the house windows with open curtains had a little Santa Drawing , I presume done by a small child as it brimmed with life and innocence. It read: 
Santa, Please Stop here!

As I strained to look inside the house, I actually saw a little kid intently gazing at his Santa drawing on the window in anticipation.
I wish i had my camera to capture his priceless expression.

It made my Christmas so beautiful!

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  1. "When the effervescence of hope brings joy unto your life,
    When the smiles, the laughter pick up sheen-and then electrify ...
    U Think of the grace divine ... well that's a part of your brain's chemistry
    But hold on-I suggest - stop-sketch your own self-to add one to your thirty three ... ... .. "

    Anonymous ... ....