Monday, 7 December 2009

The Ganges by Varanasi

River Ganges (Varanasi)

On the return journey he left the oars, to let the boat move with the tide. A sense of relief after an hour of rigorous rowing ......

He washed his hands in the Ganges before beginning his breakfast on the boat he rowed for about 8 years. 

Satiated with the sumptuous meal, he cupped his hands and quenched his thirst from the same Ganges.

After a while, he spat back into the same Ganges.

And again before we reached the ghats, (teracced landing where he would anchor the boat), he drank the pure water of the same Ganges!

The Pure water...of the same Ganges!

Ganga Jal - The water of the holy Ganges!

Arun . my 20 year old boatman, born and brought up in Varanasi.


  1. Nice post to start of with!
    Welcome to the world of Blogging Deshna... I am sure you'll come out with the best expressions here...
    ~Cheers :)

  2. Hey Deshna, you write well. I really liked the detailed observations you pen down. Its good to read how you present your experiences.;) Cheers