Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Graduate Design: RCA 2012 Visual Communication

Words by our partners at ARTS THREAD.
Spanning across several floors of the Stevens Building, the Royal College of Art’s 2012 Visual Communication graduates showcased the fruits of their labour. From web-based GIFs to unconventional storytelling, ARTS THREAD chooses a few of the best projects on show.
Waiting for Google by Stuart White is an ongoing project inspired by the time we waste while waiting for content to load on the internet, presented in the form of a series of animated gifs.
Minjae Huh created a campaign highlighting the government’s recent announcement of the closure of the Post Study Work visa that allows non-EU students to work in the UK for two years. The campaign, titled Future Without PSW, featured a display typeface, postcards, posters and other propaganda.
Byung-hak Ahn presented Images of Spectacle, a project that explores the themes of capitalism and material culture while fellow student Jiyeun Sung made us giggle with a humorous series of illustrations highlighting the difficulties of learning English.
Deshna Mehta’s To Observe Is To Change is a really engaging installation in which members of the public are summoned into a dark booth where, using inks, chalks and other materials, are invited to draw the shadow of the hand they are drawing with. See ARTS THREAD’s online editor Calum Ross’ dismal attempt above!

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