Saturday, 24 December 2011

'....after the paint consciously drops from his brush, then it is on its journey alone unaided by the painter. The painter loses control of the resonating spreads, the cause and the doer becomes the witness, Saksi. When the act of expanse stops at the rim of the paper, it starts spreading back into the heart and makes the painter exhilarating. The colours sink deep into the soul of the painter and then stretches on into the viewers' arena making it glow like a raging fire or making it cool and sombre like a calm sea. The painter now forgets the centre as well as the periphery and is struck and bewildered at his own creation. The viewer experiences an ecstatic pleasure; loses self and becomes one with the painting. He is no longer a different individual distanced from the painting, he is elevated, as is the work of art, the illusion Maya becomes the vision, the Bindu, Sabda and Spandana, what Prafulla Mohanti expresses in his paintings.'

Village Voice: Prafulla Mohanti and his work: DINANATH PATHY

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