Sunday, 16 January 2011


A thin strip bearing a systematic orchestration of primary pigments seized my attention as I jaunted from the first array of exhibits onto the subsequent ones in the reminiscing excursion within the confines of my mind. An intriguing ensemble of geometry interspersed with lifelike human forms compelled me to walk in the direction of this depiction. On observing the artwork closely, surprisingly enough and very contrary to my conjecture of gaining clarity, it only heightened the intensity of my perplexities.
Visually, it was most definitely an unusual delight. The colours vs the monotones, the abstract vs the representational, the fragmentation, the scale, the coherent, the elusive and yet kosher textures characterised these objets d’art.

Inspirational would be an understatement and concealing the ‘trivial’ness that I experienced, a pure denial - a non-confession.
How could they? They managed to unsettle my anchored poise within an infinitesimal span of a month. How on earth did they generate all that they did? How did they make so much and such good ‘so much’! What were they made up of? How did they live? What were their minds like? They ! The ‘them’ who are accountable for having brandished my mental composure. The Glasgow boys, Stephen Farthing, the Shadow Catchers, the Turner prize contenders, Rachel Whiteread, Eadweard Muybridge, Gauguin, Ai Weiwei, the British Artists at the Saatchi Gallery and Damien Ortega of course.

I felt insignificant. Insignificance doled out of gigantism, partially. The Humongous scale, possibly. Geniuses emanating from independence, persistence, perseverance and passion, most definitely.The word 'distraction' did not seem to exist in their lexicon. Their existence seemed to spur around an invincible hunger to create.

As I reflect upon the previous month in London, a sentence from ADAM FUSS' colloquy (Shadow Catchers at V&A) supremely reverberates,
'You don't create. You are not creative. You Die. It is about survival really'

Picture within picture (bottom left) credit : SAMEER KULAVOOR

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