Sunday, 7 November 2010


Who I think I am

An exhibition of an aphorism of Jack’s life as an artist


Hayward gallery exhibit


The exhibit consisted of a series of well mounted frames, dark brown in colour with white perspicuously legible type.

The unexpected narration of a bookish story in an exhibition space, strongly impacted the

subject matter and lent a certain level of notability which could otherwise have been undermined by using the stereotypical and expected format of a book.

A story on the walls with the reconcilable format of well manicured and homogenous type, an uninterrupted progression bearing no trace of distraction made the reading experience almost theatrical.

Theatrical in the manner that it was a very engaging reading escapade of the unabridged account, almost having the impact of watching it being enacted. The autographical account was captivating in itself. The decision of the artist to retain the essence without any trace of dilution was in my opinion accomplished by the manner in which the exhibit was crafted and designed.

The only fear seemed to be the one where a certain ilk of audience would be dissuaded and overwhelmed by the huge amount of text from afar and decide against crossing over the threshold to even stop and glance around. Possibly, Ron may not have been interested in this kind of an audience. And in all likelihood neither would Jack be.

From the content of the exhibit :

For Jack, all the turmoil for a long span of his life was worth it because he used it to make art. A series, which truly satisfied him. Picked up from his conversation with a friend, being an art teacher prevents you from being a full time artist. He was in tune with this imputation and wanted to ‘make’ art. In all probability, his decision of not wanting to teach art.

A passion which was evident, an attitude which explicitly extruded the unwillingness to accommodate mediocracy.

A legend, it had to be!

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