Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan

An applique from afar, dwellings when appraised at close quarters, this collocated ensemble of rich browns and analgesic blues seduced me to venture through.

Swamped by its simplicity and unpretentiousness, the poise of this petite community at the Kumbalgarh fort was humbling. The antonym of a 'fairytale-ish' life would  best describe the domestic drudgery of its inhabitants for sustenance. 

A beautiful frame emerged as I peeped through my view finder while composing this shot - a thorough fullness resonated from the vibe of the place.

A passing thought at that moment,
The 'raw'ness, the incompleteness made it so complete, 
An alluring unplanned creation, beauty in its practicality, 
where necessities are a luxury.....

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